The Heart of Madrid – Plaza Santa Ana

As soon as  I am off the plane at Madrid’s Barajas International Airport, and go through customs and baggage, I am queing up to catch a taxi.  Yea!  I’m in Spain, and am finally able to utter my first Spanish phrases, and listen to the machine-gun speed Castillian accent!  The taxi driver asks, “¿Adóndeva, señora?” [...]

The Heart of Madrid – Plaza Santa Ana2017-01-24T13:12:49-07:00

Open the Windows!

In Spain they have a saying  "Tienes las ventanas abiertas!"  "You have the windows open" -- which means that you are open-minded.  Well, I used to have the windows to the wine cellar slammed shut.  I was a one wine girl.  Red, dry, full-bodied  (the wine, the wine!).  That was a loooonnnnngggg time ago.  [...]

Open the Windows!2017-01-24T08:39:43-07:00

Dream a Little Dream of Spain

Close your eyes for a minute.  Go ahead. Nobody's looking.  OK, well, read this first, and then close your eyes and imagine yourself on a perfect spring afternoon.  Sun on your face, blue-green waves gently touching the rocks just below where you're sitting.  That sweet little "thot" of a cork releasing from a wine bottle.  [...]

Dream a Little Dream of Spain2010-02-17T22:47:53-07:00


OK, so I finally figured out that the one thing that's been a consistent love of mine (well, besides my husband!) is food and wine.  But I'm no pro. I've taken a few cooking classes here and there, been shown the personal secrets of many a home chef in Spain, but I'm certainly not an [...]