Simple food experiences… to create a more connected life.

Do you long for a simpler time — to slow down, connect with the people you care about, and share great food?

Are you tired of the same old response to your question “How are you?” You know what’s coming; “Crazy busy.”

We’re all crazy busy, and some days we wonder how that happened.

Grandma sheep serving pie

Paella Valenciana

Spanish Sunday debunks the myth of “too busy to take a break.”

Imagine creating an incredibly delicious and simple food experience for your friends and family. Spanish Sunday combines the best of Spanish customs, wonderful food, (maybe a bit of wine!) and lessons from our rural grandparents.

Kick back, relax, leave the technology behind, and strengthen your connections with others. You can do it, and we’ll show you the way!

I know, I know – the one thing you don’t have is time.

Your time is precious – and none of us can point fingers about taking advantage of quick, processed foods.  Just imagine how relaxed and refreshed you would feel after a long, lazy (super simple) get-together with great people.

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Vegetable Market Denia Spain

And if you just love great food, but don’t want to cook, we’ll show you how to create a wonderful, good-for-you food experience with no cooking required.

I hope you’ll join us!

COE  (Chief of Everything)

P.S. If you’re visiting for the first time, please take your time. You won’t find any obnoxious pop-ups or ads here. Feel free to read more about me and about Spanish Sunday.

Two Thumbs Up for two days of learning and enjoying wonderful Spanish food and wine.
I loved the hands on experience and all the cooking tips you gave us along the way. The food and wine were all so tasty and you made it all look so easy! The best part? Spending time with friends and learning so much about the Spanish wine and food. Thanks for sharing your expertise!” — Kay Stanton, Topeka, Kansas

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